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  • Software

    success service

    Successful Software Service

    Improve Additional Value:

    Continually update Kayang product versions to adapt to customers’ business changes;


    Improve System Value:

    Set measurable project goals to ensure the 100% fulfilment of customer’s demands;


    Improve Value of Deliverable:

    Multiple ways of services: by Tel, e-mail, remote support, onsite service etc.

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  • Customer

    success service

    Successful Customer Service

    Optimize Business

    Explore and fully understand customer’s business demands, improve application and share successful cases;


    Improve Capability

    Continue to help build HR business Capability;


    Value-added Service

    Decode client’s issue and develop customized solutions; provide one-to-one consulting service.

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  • Existing

    service model

    Service Deployment Pattern

    Local server:

    Clients provide their own hardware and network environment and Kayang provides HR software and services including system development, implementation and maintenance etc.



    1、  Public cloud: User can rent Kayang HR Cloud-based software;

    2、  Private cloud:

    Kayang cloud: can rent a separate server and network provided by Kayang;

    A third party cloud: can choose a third party cloud provider.

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  • 9 layers


    9-layer Security Assurance



    Safe account | Safe storage | Disaster backup



    Log audit | Encryption/authority | SDL regulation



    Anti-DDOS attack | Firewall | Privacy protection



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    150+ Fortune 500 enterprises
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