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Kayang Service Pattern
Service Deployment Pattern
Local Server

Clients provide hardware and network environment (normally, refer to the corporate Intranet) and Kayang provides HR software services including development, implementation and maintenance etc.


1、Public cloud:User can rent Kayang cloud-based HR software to handle their HR businesses and enjoy the services accordingly without buying any software or hardware.

2、Private cloud: 2 options: Kayang cloud and a third party cloud (such as Alibaba Cloud)

Kayang cloud-based platform: user can rent a separate server and network provided by Kayang to deploy its own HR software.

A third party cloud: user can also choose a third party cloud provider (such as Alibaba Cloud) to deploy their HR software.

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service center
Successful Customer Service
  • Optimize Business

    Explore and fully understand customer’s business demands, improve application and share successful cases

  • Improve Capability

    Continue to help build HR business Capability

  • Value-added Service

    Decode client’s issue and develop customized solutions; provide one-to-one consulting service

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Software success service
Successful Software Service
  • Improve Additional Value

    Continually update Kayang product versions to adapt to customers’ business changes

  • Improve System Value

    Set measurable project goals to ensure the 100% fulfilment of customer’s demands;

  • Improve Value of Deliverable

    Multiple ways of services: by Tel, e-mail, remote support, onsite service etc.

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Nine layers of security
9-layer Security Assurance
  • Log Audit
  • Encryption/Authority
  • SDL Regulation
  • Disaster Backup
  • Privacy Protection
  • Safe Account
  • Safe Storage
  • Firewall
  • Anti-DDOS Attack
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