Kayang HCM JOB system management
function description
Function Description
  • Job system diagram

    1. One enterprise can have multiple job systems; can custom the names and quantity of job families;

    2. Can broaden the levels of “job family—career path” or “job family—career path—benchmark job” and can also extend “job grade” to “job level—job grade”;

    3. Direct display of career development paths: one enterprise can have several development paths such as management career path, control and support professional career path (such as HR, finance), professional career path, marketing career path…

  • Job description

    Job basic information (job responsibility, job description, active employee, successor, talent pool etc.), competency, training package and performance rule.

  • Job grade

    Evaluate all the jobs or job responsibilities of an enterprise from three dimensions including know-how, problem solving and accountability to confirm the value scope and the grade of each job. Kayang has used Hay Group’s job evaluation approach. Generally the jobs are divided into 28 grades, and it may be less than or more than 28 grades in actual application scenarios.

  • Job competency model (competency)

    1.Knowledge and skill modeling

    2.Knowledge and skill modeling

    3.Background condition (capability profile)

    4. Rejection (background conditions)

    5.Inner drive

  • Benchmark job

    Find the high performers to fully improve HR management level and provide a decision basis for employee selection, utilization, training, development and retention.

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Business value
Business Value

Fully improve HR management level and provide a decision basis for employee selection, utilization, training, development and retention.

Unify enterprise’s “talent standards” and improve the talent-post matching;

Help enterprise clarify current status of talents and form employee “behavioral competency model” so as to improve employee engagement and reduce the turnover rate;

Help enterprise get a clear picture of enterprise status, construct a competency model, focus on talent standards of the future and optimize the talent structure; make effective strategic plans to effectively respond to the complex and changing business environment and reduce the risk of “useless cost” in advance.

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Kayang HCM solution
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