Kayang HCM

Kayang HCM has overthrown the traditional e-HR software development concept. It takes the employee capabilities as the management goal,

integrates the methodology of BOTE Consultancy and corresponds to the human capital management pattern. It focuses on solving the management problem of core talents in key positions. It’s an important tool to manage the core talents and construct the talent succession.

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Development History of Kayang HCM development path
  • Traditional personnel management modules
    Labor contract, personnel file, attendance, social insurance and pay;
  • HRM modules
    Organization, personnel, C&B, leave and attendance, recruiting, training and performance;
  • HCM modules
    Competency model, assessment center, career development, knowledge management, score management/mall;
  • Strategic HRM modules
    大Big data analysis, intelligent prediction, intelligent early warning, executive dashboard
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KAYANG HCM solution
KAYANG HCM solution
Advantages and characteristics
Advantage and Feature
Kayang HCM provides a more quantitative and targeted solution for the management of the intangible elements that talents may have including capability, qualities, knowledge skills, and internal drive, values, etc. which truly bring value. What’s more, Kayang HCM also provides a more quantitative solution for enterprises in the management of core positions, the retention, development and use of key talents.
Important means of production
Kayang HCM---Make “Human Capital” an important means of production
  • More comprehensive
    pay more attention to employee’s potential ability and skills rather than simply recording the employee's information;
  • More quantitative
    apply more measurable indexes to the employee management and decision making, including ROI;
  • More efficient
    significantly improve the efficiency of team building and talent use by improving the employee potential and skill;
  • More tools
    integrate multiple tools into employee management processes.
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