Advantages of Management Cockpit
  • Provide a holistic view for boss

    As a boss, it’s important to efficiently grasp the status quo of business operation. Kayang Executive Dashboard not only presents you the status quo, but also shows you the inner connections. It helps you find and solve the problems comprehensively without missing any aspect.

  • Provide managers with complete team information

    The management of key tasks and key personnel is the top priority for managers. Kayang Executive Dashboard gives managers a quick and easy way to view and manage key tasks and key personnels in real time, which highly improves their management efficiency. It also fully presents team information. The dashboard will provide a data basis for decision-making.

  • Provide HR with flexible evaluation and information

    It may be challenging for HR to organize evaluations flexibly and ensure the truth and effectiveness of the evaluations. Kayang HR Dashboard can custom evaluation cycles and evaluation items, support weight calculations and uses the evaluations and records in daily work to verify the effectiveness of evaluations; it provides a more creative evaluation model for HR and gives an easy access to employee status and complete job information. It’s an important tool to assist HR in completing daily tasks. HR dashboard also has the features of data retrieval, filter and export. It is convenient for HR to complete the summary and reprocessing of various information.

  • Provide employees with clear work guidance

    Clarifying the job goals in different periods is the key for employees to improve their execution and stimulate the self-motivation. Kayang Employee Dashboard can clearly list the goals and job contents to be achieved, and display the work records and evaluations, prompting employees to focus on their own jobs.

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