Kayang e-Signature
Kayang electronic signature
Kayang e-TAX
Kayang e-Signature

1、Approve and monitor the employment contract through HR management platform to avoid any omission of signature and expiry of contract.

2、A state authorized third party e-signature provider. Employees can sign the contracts digitally with this tool which highly improves efficiency and saves cost.

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Core functions
Core functions: labor contract management
  • Contracts expiration warning
  • HR starts contract renewal approval process
  • Employee confirms/signs the e-contract
  • HR prints the contract
Signing process
E-contract Signature Process
  • 步骤1 step one
    Enterprise imports the contract templates in the e-signature system;
  • 步骤2 step two
    Create contracts (related information has been auto-filled) in Kayang HR system and add the enterprise stamp (where to seal can be configured);
  • 步骤3 step three
    Launch a contract process in Kayang HR system;
  • 步骤4 step four
    Approved by contract approval process (optional);
  • 步骤5 STEP FIVE
    Send it to the receiver after the contract is confirmed;
  • 步骤6 Step SIX
    The receiver verifies it and logins to sign his/her name via phones (to ensure security, real name authentication and signature password are required)
  • 步骤7 Step SEVEN
    When HR users get the confirmation from the third party, they can download the contract and archive it in Kayang HR system.
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Process example
Sample of E-contract Signature Process
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