KAYANG HCM Job System Management
FUNCTION description
Function Description
  • Job family

    Job family is a series of related job titles that require similar knowledge, skills and quality requirements. Its setting is relatively stable, and generally it will not change even when the organizational structure or job changes;

  • Job/Career path

    It’s a group of certain jobs in an enterprise. Compared with job family, these jobs not only have similar job nature, but they are also quite consistent in the importance of job responsibility and workload. Such jobs are collectively named as job path. Job path is sometimes called subfamily, job sequence, development path, career path...

  • Job grade

    Evaluate all the jobs or job responsibilities of an enterprise from three dimensions including know-how, problem solving and accountability to confirm their value scopes and the grade of each job as well. BOTE adopts Hay Group’s job evaluation approach. Generally the jobs are divided into 28 grades, and it may be less than or more than 28 grades in actual application scenarios.

  • Job level

    Also known as job grade. It is a collection of jobs with same or sufficiently similar job complexity, job responsibility and required qualifications. To put it simply, it is the grade of a certain job such as: elementary, intermediate, advanced and senior. Different enterprises may have different names and levels. All the positions within the same rank can have the same title and different appointment, assessment and compensation standards. The relationship of job level and job grade is one-to-many. All the job levels in the same career path do not necessarily have all the job grades.

  • Benchmark job

    Compared with job path, the job responsibilities of benchmark job are more detailed which are more instructive and practical.

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